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[Our Other is A Prayer Notebook]

These are Papers I have written that supplement the actual teaching of the Daily Prayer Notebook.

Many are documents composed during and after school and introduce you to myself and subjects that will enhance your prayer notebook experience.

This page is also to access other folders on our website not necessarily accessible through page navigation bars.

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Other Source pages

  • James. S. Kirtley, Author Godly Businessman from 1900 giving excellent advise on self-management. The book is long out of print, but I am slowly copying it here to read for anyone interested.
  • Does God Care CD and Listener's Guide added on 12-16-06
    an excellent acapella CD with sample wma tracks to listen to and for which we have prepared a special listener's guide as you listen.
  • The Changed Connection added on 2-21-07
    Lessons from "Changed Into His Image" Sanctification Bible Study in 13 week format, 5 days and weekends, we are studying to be more like Jesus for our family and relatives.
  • John Moore Family - Missionary TBC Suports in South Africa
    It includes photos of their work and a special movie sent to our Junior Prayer Group.
  • Introducing the Christ Life Conferences added on 4-10-07
    A Bible Conference with great Life-Altering Ramifications to couple with the "Changed Into His Image" Sanctification Bible Study mentioned above. Similar concepts but a very effective presentation. See it now!
  • Terry Washer sources page for teaching a Kenyan Bible School class.
  • Page of Pictures for Chad Prigge our former Associate Pastor

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